Personal Injury Claims

We are experienced in:

  • Criminal Injuries Compensation claims
  • Motor Vehicle Accident claims

If you are the victim of crime and you suffer an injury or loss as a result, we can assist you by preparing an application for Criminal Injuries Compensation, gathering all required evidence in support of your claim and lodging your application with the Office of Criminal Injuries Compensation.

If the Office of Criminal Injuries Compensation has notified you that they intend to make an Order against you for the payment of a sum of money or if such an Order has already been made, we can advise you as to your options including making submissions to the Assessor to minimise the amount payable or to argue that no Order should be made against you.

We can also advise and represent you in Motor Vehicle Accident claims made with the Insurance Commission of WA in the event you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Personal injury lawyer Jackie Ruby with client in Geraldton Office
The Geraldton Courthouse